sunday services


Sunday, 9 am - Holy Eucharist, Rite II (contemporary language)

We worship on Sunday morning according to the 1979 Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church, which are the black books with a cross on the cover in your pew. Before you sit down to worship, you will want to get a copy of the weekly insert that contains the readings for the day, which can be found on tables near each entrance. When it's time to sing, open the blue book entitled, Hymnal 1982, which is in your pew. The hymns are listed on the hymn board on the wall to the right of the altar.

The spirit of this service is warm, intimate, and relaxed. We enjoy Anglican chant and old favorites from the hymnal, but our choir also offers contemporary anthems and, on occasion, a surprise or two! In the language of the Episcopal Church, our worship is "high," but certainly not stuffy. For most of the year, the priest chants the prayers; the acolyte rings the bells during the consecration of the bread and wine; and on major feast days, we use incense. In the summer, the service becomes simpler and more laidback. If you get lost during the service, don't worry. Just ask us; and we'll be happy to help you.

All of the baptized from any denomination are welcome to receive Holy Communion. The language of the service may be that of the Episcopal Church, but the invitation to be fed comes directly from Jesus. If you would prefer to receive a blessing instead of Communion, cross your arms over your chest when you reach the altar rail, and the priest will know to give you a blessing. If you need a gluten-free host, just let priest know when you come up for Communion. Finally, if you would like anointing for healing or a special prayer for any concern or struggle, just come back to the altar rail after everyone has received Communion, and the priest will anoint you and pray over you.

We hope that you have a wonderful experience worshiping with us, and that you will join us for coffee and refreshments after the service!